About Evergreen

Evergreen Tyres are made with safety, sustainability and performance central to the design and manufacturing process.

The Evergreen factory opened in 2009 making it one of the world’s most modern and technologically advanced tyre manufacturing plants. Evergreen technicians are amongst the most qualified and experienced of any tyre manufacturer and our leading-edge equipment means every Evergreen is built for reliability and performance.

We are so confident about the quality of Evergreen tyres, we guarantee it!

All of our tyres are sold with an Accidental Damage Guarantee. Please visit the Accidental Guarantee page to find out more.

If you keep in mind a few rules, make regular checks and carry out simple measures, your tyre will remain in good condition for a long time.

This particularly involves keeping an eye on the pressure, checking for wear and storing tyres properly.

Also bear in mind that it is always better to fit new tyres (or the least worn) on the rear wheels.

Stay in the know

Tyre Size Guide

A : Section
The normal width of the tyre
B : Profile
The aspect ratio, this mark represents the height of the tyre sidewall
C : Rim
The diameter of the tyres inner rim in inches
D : Load
Load capacity of the tyre
E : Speed
The maximum speed for this tyre at full load