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Highly durable all-weather SUV tyre with an advanced silica-based compound and optimised footprint, ensuring maximum grip, traction and longevity.



Asymmetric tread design and varied block layout ensure maximum traction even in the most challenging driving conditions.


Road noise is minimised by the sequential block design ensuring SUV drivers get a quiet, comfortable drive.


The advanced silica compound keeps the tyre working for longer, saving you money.


Optimised footprint means that the tyre has a larger contact area with the surface, reducing stopping distances on wet and dry roads.

Stay in the know

Tyre Size Guide

A : Section
The normal width of the tyre
B : Profile
The aspect ratio, this mark represents the height of the tyre sidewall
C : Rim
The diameter of the tyres inner rim in inches
D : Load
Load capacity of the tyre
E : Speed
The maximum speed for this tyre at full load

Understanding The EU Tyre Label

Fuel Efficiency

Rolling resistance has a direct impact on fuel consumption. A tyre's rolling resistance score ranges from A to E. Over the life of the tyre, fitting an A rated tyre could save you up to 6 litres more fuel every 625 miles - when compared to a E rated tyre.

Wet Grip

A tyre's wet grip capacity is expressed in Grades from A to E. The difference in braking distances between each grade is roughly 3m - an average car length. This makes average stopping distance between an A and E rated tyre 18m. That's 4 car lengths.

Noise Levels

The exterior noise grade of a tyre is expressed in decibels - accompanied by a grade ranging from A to B, with A being the best noise level performance.